Meltham's Annual Scarecrow Festival

Monday 6th May 2019 (10.00am - 4.00pm)

Following on from last year’s successful festival we hope, again, to deliver a bigger and better Meltham Scarecrow Festival in 2019

Funds raised go towards supporting local charities, community groups and/or schools as well as hosting future local community events

This year expect competitions, scarecrows, entertainment, live music food and drink

Keep checking into the website for updates or follow us on the Meltham Scarecrow Facebook Page and join the facebook event and don't forget to tag your pictures from the day using the following hashtags

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Scarecrow Festival Workshop

If you are thinking about entering this years Scarecrow competition but new to building scarecrows then join us at the Scarecrow Festival Workshop on Thursday 5th April 2019 from 7pm - 9pm in St Bartholomew's Church Hall (Green End Rd, Meltham, Holmfirth HD9 5NW). This event is free

Stalls, Food and Drink, Entertainment and More

The deadline for registering to perform, host an event or run a stall at the festival, is Friday 5th April 2019 if you want to appear in the programme which will be printed the following week. If however, you miss the deadline for appearing in the programme, but would still like a stall, to host an event or perform, the deadline for registering is Friday 19th April 2019

click here to register to perform, host an event or run a stall at the festival

click here to register to perform, host an event or run a stall at the festival


Volunteering at the Scarecrow Festival

The MBA are looking for volunteers to help on the day of the festival. This could be anything from helping set up gazebos, putting out scarecrows, putting up banners and posters or helping tidy things away after the event - whatever you can help with we would very much appreciate your time and contribution. If you would like to volunteer please email us at

Click on the image to look at our scarecrow festival gallery

Click on the image to look at our scarecrow festival gallery


Entering A Scarecrow Into The Competition

Traditionally the over 60's have gone around the village to ask businesses, community groups, schools and nurseries if they will be entering a scarecrow into the festival. However, this year all official entries must be registered online, by clicking on the below link, and completing the online registration form no later than Friday 26th April 2019

Click here to register your scarecrow

Click here to register your scarecrow


Previously you would of been provided a number coloured accordingly to the category you entered in. This year however to make the process smoother, when completing your registration form you will be asked to name your scarecrow entry and select the category you wish to enter in. When you display your scarecrow, please ensure the name of your scarecrow is clearly visible. Judges will be provided a list ahead of the festival of all the scarecrow entry names and categories and where they are set up so that no scarecrows will be missed.

If you don't want to enter the competition but just fancy making a scarecrow, then go for it, there is no need to register and we would love to see your creations

 Where to Put Your Scarecrow On The Day

When completing your registration form online you will be asked to confirm if you;

  • live on the Scarecrow Festival route and would like to display your scarecrow on your property in which case, you just need to make sure passers by can view it from the road (no one should be entering your property uninvited). You can then set up and dismantle your own scarecrow

  • do not live on route or would prefer to display your entry at one of the predetermined spots, in which case you will be contacted ahead of the festival with a location to set up your scarecrow on the morning of the festival (between 8am and 10am). You will then need to dismantle your scarecrow at the end of the festival

If for any reason you are unable to set up your Scarecrow you will need to make arrangements for someone to set it up on your behalf

All Scarecrows will need to be collected between 4pm and 5pm on the day of the festival. Any scarecrows left after this time will be removed and dismantled

This Year's Competitions

Best Scarecrow

Please see above for details on how to enter

Children's Word Hunt

Go around the festival and seek out the letters hidden in the windows of Meltham businesses. Use the clues in the programme to unscramble the letters and find the hidden word(s). Complete the answer sheet, which can be found in the programmes, making sure your name and number is on there, then submit your answers to a member of staff in the Church Hall by 2.45pm on Monday 6th May. All correct answers will be entered into a draw and the winner contacted using the details provided on the form

Children's Fancy Dress

For all children up to and including 12 years old. To enter all you need to do is arrive, dressed in your best scarecrow outfit, in front of the main stage in the Bus Turning Circle on Monday 6th May no later than 2pm. The winner will then be chosen by the judges on the main stage

Scarecrow Fancy Dress.jpg

Scarecrow Festival Map and Programme

Following tradition, programmes with the scarecrow route map and schedule of events, entertainment and stalls as well as adverts for local businesses and events, will be available to buy at Gerry's@ Cafe 33, The Flower Box and Meltham Fisheries in the lead up to the festival. You will also be able to buy programmes at Morrisons, the MBA stand in the bus turning circle and the Church Hall on the day.  These will be available at £1 each

This year businesses and scarecrow locations will be clearly marked on the maps as well as arrows around the village to keep you on route

Advertise in the Programme



For any local shops or restaurants that plan to set up their own stalls or gazebos outside their premises, please be mindful of those who need access to the walkways and do not restrict public access. Thank you!